Within the Veil

Imagine the heaviest of heavy metal, with the speed of, say, Slayer and the slowly deliberate pound of Black Sabbath. Add dissonant chords and electronic whines that underscore aching visions of despair and anger. Fear of God paints striking imagery on Within the Veil — for example, the ghostly suicide scene of ”Red to Grey,” or the ice-cold alienation of ”Drift.” But the most unforgettable aspect of this impressive debut album is the voice that moans, shrieks, wails, and swallows each song whole. Fear of God’s frontperson is not some stringy-haired, unwashed metal dude. It’s a metal dudes, named Dawn Crosby. She isn’t flirtatious; rather, her harsh delivery reveals the deeply brooding side of femininity. The three other members of the band — all men — match her in power and fierceness, as proved by guitarist Mike Carlino’s voracious riffs on ”All That Remains” and Steve Cordova’s primordial drumming on ”Diseased.” Nevertheless, some insecure male listeners may be threatened by the foreboding strength of this rock goddess?and perhaps they should be. A

Within the Veil
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