The latest entertainment for kids including ''The Neverending Story II,'' ''The Snowman,'' and more

A Day With Wilbur Robinson William Joyce
A stylish, witty, and whimsical adventure book about a visit with the boy next door. A

The Neverending Story II (Warner Bros., G)
Warner Bros. apparently has so little faith in the quality of this sequel to the 1984 film that the studio wouldn’t show the new movie to reviewers for magazines unless they agreed to run their reviews the week after it opened. Never a good sign.

Let’s Get A Move On!
Don’t pack the VCR until your kids see how the children in this well-made tape deal with the chaos of moving. A-

The Snowman
Based on the 1979 award-winning book by Raymond Briggs, this animated tale about a young boy and a snowman who comes to life is breathtakingly beautiful. A+

Doc Watson Sings Songs For Little Pickers
Recently nominated for a Grammy Award, this celebration of bluegrass music doesn’t fiddle around, but offers lively renditions of such folksy, standard tunes as ”Froggy Went A-Courtin”’ and ”The Tennessee Stud.” A