Tyranny For You

As Front 242 plays it, industrial dance music consists of angst-ridden messages heaped on thick; nihilistic images are slapped together with hard beats and ice-cold, machine-manipulated sounds effects. With lyrics like ”we all sleep on a bed of nails,” the group portrays a world on the verge of a nuclear holocaust. These guys have turned into a parody of their genre, with affected Germanic accents (though they’re from Belgium) and picture of modern man turned into an ”enemy insect.” To be fair, there is appoint to all this. Music from everday industrial sounds (hammers, drills, buzz saws) was thought to be very modern in the 1920s, in keeping with the Bauhaus school’s philosophy of ”form as function.” But Front 242 — debuting on a major label with this release — seems to have forgotten what a good beat is all about. You won’t be dancing to these monochromatic sheets of rhythm, you’ll be reaching or an aspirin. The cocophony on Tyranny (For You) does make an apt soundtrack for our current war; perhaps American TV networks could play it over military footage (the BBC already is). Otherwise, don’t let the mystique of machine sophistication ool you. This is an empty package. C

Tyranny For You
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