Surprises at the American Music Awards -- The best and worst moments from the AMA's

Stars! Cue cards! Another edition of Dick Clark Productions’ American Music Awards aired on ABC last week, and while some winners were easy to predict (among the multiple awardees were M.C. Hammer, Janet Jackson, and Phil Collins), there were some small surprises for the 18 million households watching:
BEST LINE: ”Is it me, or are they the whitest guys you’ve ever seen in your life?” — Host Keenen Ivory Wayans on the flaxen-haired Nelson brothers.
MOST EGREGIOUS OMISSION: Accepting the award for ”U Can’t Touch This” as Favorite Soul/R&B single, Hammer didn’t thank Rick James, whose 1981 hit, ”Super Freak (Part 1),” provided the riff for Hammer’s winner.
BEST OUTFIT: The bold ”War Sucks” T-shirt of New Kids’ bad boy Donnie Wahlberg.
WORST OUTFIT: The fashion victim in a life-size Bart Simpson getup. A nuclear mutation would look more appealing.
SPECIAL DOG WHISTLE AWARD: To Mariah Carey for her concluding high note on ”Someday,” which hasn’t come down yet.