Rating ''Rocky and Bullwinkle'' -- We review each ''Rocky and Bullwinkle'' tape, including ''Mona Moose'' and ''Blue Moose''

Rating ”Rocky and Bullwinkle”

Mona Moose Boris and Natasha try to blow up a dam to get at an underwater treasure. Moose and Squirrel could save the day immediately, but they put it off because, Bullwinkle says, “It would kill the suspense.” Dudley Do-Right (above) also stars in a short in which heroine Nell proclaims her love for Dudley’s horse. A+

Birth of Bullwinkle Bullwinkle comes upon the Ruby Yacht of Omar Khayyam, which causes a Pakistani tyrant to swear vengeance. It’s sort of an animated precursor to Help! with more yuks. A

Vincent Van Moose All the great geniuses of the U.S. have been turned into instant morons. The only one immune to the evil which causes people to lose their smarts is Bullwinkle. His secret? He never had anything to lose. A

Blue Moose Bullwinkle is named the sole beneficiary of the estate of one Earl of Crankcase. The tape’s best cartoon features Mr. Peabody and Sherman: The flagrantly four-legged Mr. Peabody is appalled because someone mistakes him for a dog. A

La Grande Moose The world economy is about to collapse when a baddie counterfeits our most precious commodity: box tops. This witty episode reveals Bullwinkle’s obsessive side; he has the world’s largest collection of box tops. A

Canadian Gothic This one stars Dudley Do-Right, with mere cameos from Rocky and company. The best moment: a jaded pseudo-psychological explanation for why Snidly Whiplash has “this thing” about tying women to train tracks. B

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
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