Morning Magic

Kids are not the only people who have trouble getting up in the morning. I did not test Joanie Bartels’ pleasant collection of wake-up music, Morning Magic, on my tot at the crack of dawn, when pushing PLAY would have required more hand-eye coordination than I have that early. I waited until after her nap, during the Cranky Hour.

She liked it. She sat still (in itself a miracle) for Bartels’ lovely opening rendition of Cat Stevens’ ”Morning Has Broken,” the traditional ”Lazy Mary, Will You Get Up?” and a cover of Raffi’s ”Rise and Shine.” Her attention did not falter until an over-long version of ”Oh What a Beautiful Mornin”’ from Oklahoma! ”I already did that song,” she whined, halfway through.

But mainly, from Lennon-McCartney’s ”Good Day Sunshine” to Uncle Ruthie Buell’s playful ”Wake Up Toes” to ”Put on a Happy Face,” the tot listened. While she did not in fact put on a happy face, she did not kvetch or fidget (another miracle).

After 17 minutes of soothing lyrics, side two features instrumentals of the same 10 songs. A mom who can sing might further entertain her toddler by crooning along. I am not that mom. By the end, my toddler was smearing Chap Stick on an earplug (don’t ask) and yelping for ”a snack.” Overall, though, a success. A-

Morning Magic
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