Mail from our readers -- Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Dicey Topic
Just seeing your cover (Jan. 11) made me crack up! Andrew Dice Clay is a superb entertainer, and he’s my favorite comedian. The man just keeps me rolling.
Lori Riccadonna
Woodhaven, N.Y.

Just when we thought Andrew Dice Clay was fading into the obscurity he so richly deserves, you put his picture (under a halo, yet) on your cover.
Tom Wayman
Cambria, Calif.

My sincerest thanks for running the one and only Andrew Dice Clay on the cover of your magazine. As for those drippy, namby-pamby, pabulum-puking, prissy little neo-commies who obviously can’t take a joke, I have but two short words: Dice rules!
Brian James Thibodeau
Sarnia, Ontario

Gless is More
Eureka! And be still, my foolish heart. The photos of Sharon Gless in the Jan. 11 issue were a breath of springtime in a cold, cruel month.
Jay Dantry

Having worked as an extra several times on the Cagney & Lacey set, I have to let you know I found Sharon Gless to be probably the most genuinely kind person I’ve met in the business. It is a pleasure to see her enjoying a new success. Thanks for the story.
Laura Miura
Los Angeles

Jackson Reaction
As a fan of Janet Jackson’s, I’m upset with the awful review Steve Simels gave her video collection. Either this man hates good entertainment or he’s just a complete moron. Janet’s music and videos are among the best of the ’90s so far. How ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY can waste space on the crotch-grabbing Madonna, instead of a real star, is beyond me.
Jennifer M. Brush
Wales, Wis.

A New Pretty Woman
About your Jan. 18 cover question concerning Andie MacDowell (”This Year’s Pretty Woman?”), the answer is yes. Last year, this year, and any year. She’s no fluke, but rather a new force to be reckoned with.
Rod Lott
Oklahoma City

I am mystified at the logic of placing Andie MacDowell on the cover while relegating Gérard Depardieu to a minor two-column story. I have seen his films all over, from New Hampshire to Nebraska. He deserves a more substantial focus by your magazine, certainly equal to that given an ex-model. As for his weight, who cares? To my eye, that just means more of him to admire.
Jennifer J. Enright-Ford
Oconomowoc, Wis.

A News & Notes item in the Jan. 11 issue about Roman Polanski’s acting career omitted his role in 1976’s The Tenant. In the Jan. 18 issue, a photo caption with a video review of Mo’ Better Blues misidentified the actress shown with Denzel Washington; she was Cynda Williams. A News & Notes caption in that issue should have identified the Five Heartbeats, from left to right, as Leon, Robert Townsend, Michael Wright, Tico Wells, and Harry J. Lennix.