I Know Where I'm Going!

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, the British-based writer-producer-director team that helped give The Red Shoes its Technicolor sheen, made I Know Where I’m Going! a few years earlier in stark black and white. But they exploited even a monochromatic palette with flair by setting this romantic tale against the fierce landscapes of western Scotland. Brooding and magnificent, the film’s locales convey an overwhelming sense of beauty, mystery, and longing.

Wendy Hiller gives the plot its mainspring as a bank manager’s daughter determined to marry a wealthy bore. En route to her Scottish-isle nuptials, she’s stranded by foul weather in the company of a charming, reedy-voiced local (Roger Livesey), and her belief in the value of money quickly crumbles. Hiller’s portrayal of self-discovery is positively radiant, even when a somewhat dark-looking video transfer threatens to obscure the image.

I Know Where I'm Going!
  • Movie
  • 92 minutes