Celebrities speak out on abortion -- The new book ''The Choices We Made'' includes insights from Whoopi Goldberg and others on their experiences with abortion

Anne Archer was 19 when she spent a Thanksgiving holiday driving to Mexico with her boyfriend. Linda Ellerbee was 20 and wearing a robe and bunny- fur slippers when a man with dirty fingernails came to her apartment at midnight. Whoopi Goldberg was 14 when she went to a New York City park with a coat hanger. What followed were illegal abortions. The stories of those decisions and the people who lived with them are just out in a book called The Choices We Made: Twenty-Five Women and Men Speak Out About Abortion. At a pro- choice march on Washington, Gloria Steinem was struck by the number of influential people who were concerned about keeping abortion legal. She and journalist Angela Bonavoglia started asking women to discuss their abortions — legal and illegal. Many, including Rita Moreno and author Grace Paley, did, but not without much soul-searching. ”Some had not talked about it since it happened,” Bonavoglia says. ”It was a process of going back in time and reliving their abortions.” In the end, the book isn’t a parade of pro-choice arguments but a revelation of the range of emotions that comes with choice. As actress Bess Armstrong says, ”The decision to abort isn’t black and white; it is every heartbreaking shade of gray.”