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Year-End Issue
The ”Best of 1990” issue (Dec. 28) was your best issue of 1990! It brought back many of my favorite memories from the year, and a few I wanted to forget (such as Roseanne Barr defacing our national anthem). The funniest part was your ”Year That Wasn’t” section. From the Secret Diary of Millie: ”Helped Dan Quayle find cabinet meeting — he got lost again.” Simply hilarious.
Daniel Barton
Raleigh, N.C.

I was extremely pleased to see Sean Connery listed among your choices for the top 12 entertainers of 1990. I find it rather surprising how often Connery gets overlooked by other magazines. Connery is a brilliant actor, and it’s too bad that most people didn’t realize his talent until he was already 30 years into his career.
Jamaica Fisher
Weston, Colo.

Thanks for the wonderful year-end double issue. I enjoyed looking over the events of the past year. I was also glad to see that M.C. Hammer was on your list of 1990 Entertainers of the Year. He certainly broke new ground for ”sample rappers” in 1990.
Stephen M. Clark
Madison, Ala.

I devoured your article on the best music of the year. I especially liked your No. 4 choice, Jane’s Addiction, whose album has the pumping song ”Been Caught Stealing.” I also liked No. 5, Prince’s Graffiti Bridge. It has great songs, even though the movie was missing a plot.
Marc Levy

I loved your ”Best & Worst” of 1990 choices, but you forgot the worst television ad: the Pampers commercial that describes in disgusting detail the worst diaper leaks of infants-in places like the grocery cart, or at the movies. The commercial treats us to such words as ”B.M. leaks,” ”No. 1 leaks,” and ”No. 2 leaks.” Ugh!
Jenny Drastura
Huntington, W. Va.

Thank you for putting out the only year-end publication worth buying. One thing, though: How could you do a best music of 1990 section without a single mention of En Vogue, the group that finally brought actual, from-the-gut singing to the MTV age (and in a classy package at that)?
Frederick Vaughn
Somerville, Mass.

I have a new year’s resolution suggestion for you people: Hire some competent music critics! Your best albums list of 1990 was the worst.
Larry Galla

I loved your special issue, but I have one complaint. How could you give the ”most obnoxious hair” title to Gunnar and Matthew Nelson? Wouldn’t Cyndi Lauper or Slash of Guns N’ Roses have been more appropriate?
D. Lee
Falls Church, Va.

I enjoyed your year-end double issue, but I think there was an oversight on your part — New Kids on the Block! They weren’t mentioned even once! Don’t they deserve some recognition? Otherwise, I love your magazine, and thanks for putting Rick Wes’ album North, South, East, Wes as the worst album of 1990! Good work!
Kathleen Golden
Franklin, Mass.