Entertainment news for February 1, 1991 -- Alec Baldwin, Phil Spector, and Fred Rogers made headlines this week

MOVIES: Paramount Pictures has signed Alec Baldwin to reprise his role as CIA agent Jack Ryan, the character he portrayed in The Hunt For Red October, in two new movies, both to be based on best-selling books by Hunt author Tom Clancy. The deal could prove quite lucrative for Paramount, which produced the first film, the fifth-highest-grossing movie of 1990. The screen adaptation of Patriot Games is being written by Donald Stewart, who penned the Hunt script. Clear and Present Danger will get a screen treatment from Flight of the Intruder director John Milius
MUSIC: At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction dinner Jan. 16, the reclusive Phil Spector announced that he’ll be back in the studio this year. In an age of digital sampling and singers who don’t sing, the Wall of Sound creator jokes that his new, topsy-turvy challenge will be ”making a hundred people sound like one synthesizer.”
TV: As news coverage of the Gulf war fills the airwaves, echoes of the conflict are reverberating even in TV’s most peaceful precinct: Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Fred Rogers, the host of the 22-year-old PBS children’s series, has taped two public service announcements written to allay kids’ fears about war. In one, Daniel Striped Tiger assures children that ”you’ll always have somebody to love you no matter where you are.” ”Children don’t make real wars,” says Rogers in the second message, which addresses parents. ”The least — and best — we adults can do is to let our children know that we’ll take good care of them no matter what.”