Celebrities protest the war -- Margot Kidder and Susan Sarandon speak out about the Persian Gulf conflict

By Giselle Benatar
Updated February 01, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST

The real-life drama touched everything, including the movie world. As the Gulf conflict unfolded, several actresses caught a bit of spotlight. In London, Vanessa Redgrave was reportedly criticized by her sister Lynn for her emphatic pro-Iraqi stance. Susan Sarandon, whose performance in White Palace brought her a Golden Globe Best Actress nomination, pulled out of the Jan. 19 ceremony at the last minute as a gesture against the bombings. ”I feel it best to remain close to home, where I will continue my work with the Military Family Support Network in its efforts for peace and to bring our troops safely home,” she said in a statement. On Jan. 21 at a peace rally in front of the U.N., Margot Kidder called the war ”the ultimate human rights abuse.” Sally Field, whose current Not Without My Daughter is sharply critical of Iran, also made news when she reportedly hired a bodyguard after getting death threats because of the film. Notably silent about the Gulf was Jane Fonda, who recently apologized for her criticisms of the Vietnam War. ”So far she hasn’t gotten involved,” said Fonda’s spokeswoman. ”But that might change.”