Playmates on ''Family Feud'' -- ''Playboy'' Playmates recently competed on the game show

Okay, so you won’t find this listed on any Playmate Data Sheet as a Turn-On, but we wouldn’t have wanted to miss it: Family Feud‘s recently concluded ”Battle of the Centerfolds” is a top contender for the guilty-TV-pleasure- of-the-year award. And it’s only January. It turned out the five-day competition between Playmates of the 1980s and Playmates of the ’90s was a lot funnier than any recent Playboy Party Joke. For instance: Name something that can be tinted. Playmate said, ”Doors.” Survey said, ”Zero.” Name a red-colored beverage. Playmate said, ”Watermelon juice.” Survey said, ”Zero.” When asked to cite something specific that a woman gives a man as a token of love, the dueling teams came up with ”kisses,” ”cards,” ”bracelets.” An expression of love that stumped the Playmates? ”Sex.”

”I think it brought a new perspective to centerfolds,” says Feud producer Howard Felsher. ”Ninety-five percent of our feedback has been positive and we’re certainly looking at doing it again.”

Even host Ray Combs seemed delighted. He held hands with the contestants during pressure-packed moments, but limited his affection because, as he reminded the audience on several occasions, ”My wife is watching.”

Jeopardy!, anyone?

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