Mail from our readers -- Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Al Pacino, Debbie Gibson, and Slughter

Mail from our readers

All About Al
Thank you for your cover story on Al Pacino’s life, work, and Godfather III (Dec. 21) It was a great exclusive on an actor who’s been superb in everything from The Panic in Needle Park to Dick Tracy. Maybe in 1991 there will be an Oscar win for Godfather III and one for Al Pacino, the new Don. Thank you, Entertainment Weekly, for a great magazine.
David Stafford
Rochester, N.Y.

Thank you so much, Lawrence Grobel, for giving us a chance to know Pacino’s views, his thoughts. He’s such a quiet man. His performances are electrifying, vivid, climactic. You showed the sensitivity behind his intense stare, which has ”burned its way into our cultural consciousness.” A brilliant actor. A welcome article.
Janis Candido
Palm Coast, Fla.

Lawrence Grobel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your award-worthy interview. Pacino is an exceptionally gifted actor with a lot of talent, and it shows. He definitely deserves his long-awaited Oscar. Please release The Local Stigmatic!
Rose Mary L. Ricciardi
Kent, Ohio

Thanks for the cover story on that acting genius, Al Pacino. Although his film The Local Stigmatic ”is hardly intended for a mass audience,” please print this plea to Al anyway: I am your biggest fan and have been dying to witness this pet project, so please either allow us common folk a chance to see it, or arrange a private screening for me. Rather than being scared off by the ”remote and difficult” aspects of such films, I have always found your more artistic, noncommercial work like Bobby Deerfield utterly fascinating.
David Shannon
St. Catharines, Ontario

Gibson’s Gang
In the midst of all the Madonna scandal, it was such a relief to see an article on one of the most talented performers around today, Debbie Gibson. She often doesn’t get the credit she deserves, and it was a thrill to get such honest insight into her life and career.
Carrie Sapp
Columbus, Ohio

I know I’m going against ”record industry wisdom,” but I’m in my late 20s and I will admit it: I like Debbie Gibson. Hell, I’m even a member of her fan club. Thanks to Linda Sanders for the interesting and often amusing article.
Robert Burroughs
Staten Island, N.Y.

Defending Slaughter
Janiss Garza’s review of Slaughter’s Stick It Live EP was quite unfair. The album is not only for die-hard Slaughter fans — it’s also a treat for those of us who couldn’t see them live. Maybe if Garza understood Slaughter better, she wouldn’t have been so rude.
Desiree Gaddis
Casper, Wyo.

The Truth on Tracy
Congratulations to Ty Burr for his video review of Dick Tracy. Somebody finally came out and said it. The film was a momentous bore, a colossal disappointment, and the public, betrayed by media hype, got taken. Thank you for being honest. You have somewhat restored my trust in critics.
Jack Barron
Beatrice, Neb.