Little Vegas

Although Little Vegas isn’t about gambling, you do risk wasting 91 minutes by watching this loser of a video.

Carmine (Anthony John Denison), a transplanted Easterner living in the Nevada desert, has just inherited $40,000 from his late lover, Martha (Anne Francis). Her son (Bruce McGill) contests the will and burns down Carmine’s trailer, but her nomad of a daughter (Catherine O’Hara) decides to settle down and take Martha’s place in Carmine’s life. The convoluted plot also involves Mafia entanglements, back stabbings, broken hearts, and family feuds, but odds are you won’t care enough to try and keep up with them.

The characters are too pathetic to root for, except for comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, who makes an uncredited and uncharacteristically sweet appearance as an AA member whose new addiction is Dunkin’ Donuts glazed crullers. ”One day you’re the bird, then one day you’re the windshield,” proclaims Carmine in his only interesting line. Watching Little Vegas makes you feel a little like the windshield. C

Little Vegas
  • Movie
  • 91 minutes