Let's Get a Move On!

Don’t pack up the VCR until your kids see how the two boys and two girls in this thorough, well-organized, and sensitively produced tape deal with the chaos of moving. Let’s Get a Move On! is divided into four sections — ”Getting the News,” ”Getting Ready,” ”Getting the Move On,” and ”Getting Settled” — so that it addresses the typical progression of a child’s feelings toward moving.

Either in voice-overs or talking directly into the camera, the children describe their feelings of anger, helplessness, excitement, and nervousness about leaving the old and familiar for the new and unknown. They are seen asking their parents questions (”Can we set up a (basketball) hoop at the new house?”) and trying to figure out ways to cope (one of the girls remembers how she dealt with other changes in her life, like starting junior high). Best and most useful of all, there are concrete suggestions about how to make the changes resulting from moving less wrenching.

The four songs here, which range from a bouncy calypso to a punchy rap, help acknowledge the difficult aspects of moving but set a positive tone. Because the kids and the families on the tape aren’t professional actors, they sometimes look stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera. But what the children are saying — about feeling strange in a new house and missing friends — is so authentic that the video is compelling. A-

Let's Get a Move On!
  • Movie
  • 30 minutes