Deborah Roundtree's photos -- The artist's work takes center stage in ''thirtysomething''

The career of thirtysomething shutterbug Melissa Steadman (Melanie Mayron) has been shooting skyward lately: First she snapped Carly Simon’s album cover, then she landed a major magazine feature, then an art dealer mounted a retrospective of her work. All of which is great news for 37-year-old Deborah Roundtree, the California photographer who takes the pictures that fill Melissa’s portfolio. Roundtree got her break through Chiat/Day/Mojo, the ad agency that vets the show’s plot lines for authenticity. ”It’s been wonderful,” says Roundtree, who recently shot several of Melissa’s ex-boyfriends for a ”gallery of failed relationships.” ”I use a lot of black-and-white,” she comments, ”and try to bring a little mystery to it.” That isn’t hard, since Roundtree doesn’t follow her on-screen counterpart’s life too closely. ”To tell you the truth,” she says, ”I don’t watch. But sometimes I have a friend tape it.”

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