Deadly Desire

In what seems like the USA Network’s 538th variation on The Postman Always Rings Twice, Deadly Desire is yet another pseudo-steamy tale of murder and marital betrayal. Jack Scalia (Wolf) stars as an ex-cop who falls for Kathryn Harrold (Capital News), the alluring, no-good wife of wealthy businessman Will Patton (No Way Out). That Scalia and Harrold have an affair is entirely predictable; so is the fact that Scalia ends up shooting Patton. Then Deadly Desire tries to make you think that Harrold is a devious black widow spider out to ruin Scalia’s life as well. And then we learn that Patton may have survived the shooting, and oh, the aimless twists and turns of Jerry Ludwig’s script are just desperation moves. Clotted with hard-boiled gibberish, Deadly Desire is just plain deadly. D-

Deadly Desire
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