Connoisseurs of the eager stupidity of the Airplane! movies will relish Repossessed. Like its predecessors, this anything-for-a-laugh fest resorts to bad puns, forced sight gags, and lewd innuendo with irresistible glee. It even stars Leslie Nielsen, veteran of Airplane! and the still zanier The Naked Gun. Here Nielsen plays a priest who, 16 years earlier, had performed a pea soup-spewing exorcism on Linda Blair. Now, as a younger priest in the movie explains, ”She’s displaying all the traits of repossession — an ungodly voice, maniacal facial expressions, violent spasms.” ”That doesn’t prove a thing,” Nielsen shoots back. ”She could be related to Joe Cocker.” And after the devilish Blair does her impression of Don Adams, Nielsen says, ”Don’t Get Smart with me.”

There’s a weird, hedonistic thrill to seeing an entire movie filled with jokes this cheap, including gags about PMS, Sean Penn, and a Tammy Faye Bakker type (who hosts a show called Exorcism Tonight). Repossessed even performs an important political function. In the end, the devil winds up being defeated by rock ‘n’ roll. Take that, Tipper Gore. B

  • Movie
  • 80 minutes