Make your own John Wayne box set -- We tell you how to create a collection of your favorite films from ''the Duke''

While each of the available John Wayne boxes contains at least one classic, none is a true ”Best of the Duke” set — and some of Wayne’s greatest films are missing entirely. But now, through the magic of Entertainment Weekly‘s U-Tape-M Video Box Kit, Wayne’s finest films can be collected in a spiffy package. Here’s how:

1. Buy a 10-packet box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal and empty it.

2. Buy the following movies, or tape them when they show up on TV: Stagecoach (the 1939 John Ford Western that made Wayne a star), The Searchers (1956, Ford and Wayne’s best film together), and Rio Bravo (1959, great late-period Howard Hawks-Wayne Western).

3. Put the tapes in the box.

4. Cut out the accompanying portrait of Wayne and paste it onto the box fronts.

5. Watch the movies. Eat the oatmeal.