Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Madonna and 'China Beach'

Mail from our readers


  • Bravo, Madonna! I applaud the Material Girl for her outrageous behavior (44, Dec. 14). Never mind the video — the media circus that follows each fresh, scandalous Madonna performance is almost as entertaining. Maybe we’d be better off relaxing and enjoying the fun of it all-like she does.
  • James J. Stivale
  • Edison, N.J.

Let me congratulate you on your fine, unbiased view of the most talented performer of our time, Madonna. While others will blast you, I thank you. The video is great, the song is wonderful, the singer is beautifully superb, and your magazine is truly the best.
R. J. Droll
Davenport, Iowa

How much longer will Americans go on pretending they don’t have libidos? Oh, I forgot: America is where everyone makes love in the dark. If you had wanted your video played, Madonna, you should have turned off the lights.
Andy McGraw
Germantown, Ohio

Hey, America! Leave Madonna alone. She should be able to do what she wants — that’s what America is all about.
Vickie Wright
Los Angeles

You write that Madonna is the world’s most powerful recording artist. Get real! That title belongs to Michael Jackson! Michael has united black and white audiences all over the world through his music and without resorting to public vulgarity to do it.
Rosemary Coia
Bentonville, Ark.

I have been a big Madonna fan for a long time, but ”Justify” does indeed go overboard for MTV or early prime time. We are a nation that seems to have forgotten all of our kids age 14 and under. Those of us who are trying to raise children with some values appear to be stuck with an ”everybody else does it — they’ll see it and do it anyway” media mentality. I’m glad to hear Madonna is interested in warnings on these works, but the clue word here is ”adult.” Her ”Poor is the man…” phrase sounds in poor taste. In private, each partner should have the other’s permission to perform a sexual act.
Dianne Youngblood
Newport News, Va.

Okay, so Madonna is the smartest businesswoman ever. So what? Her latest video has stirred up more controversy than the Persian Gulf crisis. I do love your magazine, but can’t we get on to something a little more interesting?
Susan Anderson

Yes! A fitting comment on our life and times: Madonna’s slutty video makes the cover of your Dec. 14 issue, while the passing of America’s greatest composer, Aaron Copland, gets four inches on page 12.
Mort Oakes
Monkton, Md.

China Beach

Ken Tucker may feel that ”China Beach alienated many of its staunchest fans” (Dec. 14), but please don’t count us among them. We feel that the current episodes are among the most incisive and well acted of any show on television, and we despair of finding another show as adult-oriented and intelligent as China Beach once it goes off the air.
Paula Lichtenberg and Kate Brandt
San Francisco