Gonna Make You Sweat

This high-energy album has all the makings of a dance-club hit. For one thing, Gonna Make You Sweat‘s title track sounds like a composite of 1990’s most memorable pop/dance tunes — a screeching bass line (reminiscent of Snap’s ”The Power Jam”), wailing lead vocals sung by former Weather Girl Martha Wash (the real voice behind Black Box’s ”Everybody Everybody”), and up-tempo beats that reek of Technotronic. Thankfully, the rest of the album doesn’t seem so prefabricated for the disco hit factory, particularly ”Here We Go, Let’s Rock & Roll,” a jumpy track complete with an electric-guitar intro. Early in their careers, C + C — otherwise known as producers Robert Clivilles and David Cole — were instrumental in rearranging a minimal 4/4 beat to create the underground club sound of ”Do It Properly,” which established house music on radio in 1986. This led to their work with Natalie Cole (”Pink Cadillac”), further commercial projects (like Seduction), and this accessible dance album. An original collection of club music it ain’t, but Gonna Make You Sweat is a lot of fun — and it does live up to its name. B+

Gonna Make You Sweat
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