L.A. Law, Desmond Atholl, and Tom Selleck made headlines this week

Entertainment news from November 30, 1990


That Girl and Phil, Desmond Atholl’s scathing tell-all about life in the Donahue-Thomas household, where he worked for three years as the butler, has made its author a hot ticket on the publicity circuit everywhere except New York. There he has yet to be booked on any of the powerful TV talk shows. ”A producer at Geraldo told me that she couldn’t have me on the show because of her loyalty to Phil,” says Atholl, ”and I heard basically the same thing from someone at Joan Rivers.” No matter. Atholl is busy turning the tale into a sitcom — ”You know, the life of a majordomo working for a crazy Hollywood couple.”


On the heels of Susan Dey’s decision to leave L.A. Law after this season comes word that several other series have actors heading for the exits. With the all-purpose invocation of ”creative differences,” Darlanne Fluegel has turned in her badge just months after becoming Fred Dryer’s new partner on NBC’s Hunter. The Wonder Years dad Dan Lauria is reportedly unhappy with his salary and will appear in only two-thirds of this season’s episodes, a deal the show’s producers would like to extend another year. Andy Griffith has announced his intention to bid Matlock farewell at the end of this fifth season. And viewers will also be seeing less of a news vet: After 15 years on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Harry Reasoner will become an occasional contributor.


Just how big a star is Tom Selleck? Though he, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson share equal billing in Three Men and a Little Lady, the credits reveal that Selleck had his own costumer, hair stylist, and makeup artist. ”I don’t have an entourage,” the star says, ”but I try to get work for people I like who are good.” Selleck, who next plays an aging baseball star in Tokyo Diamond, says that in any case his stylists also worked on others in the cast.