''A Nightmare on Elm Street,'', ''Dynasty,'' and Groucho Marx made headlines this week

Entertainment news for January 18, 1991


Roseanne Barr, husband Tom Arnold, and rocker Alice Cooper are all making cameo appearances in the sixth — and supposedly last-installment of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. ”Roseanne became involved because her kids are Elm Street fans,” explains screenwriter Michael DeLuca. ”She and Tom are playing weird, small-town residents in an eccentric, Blue Velvet-y way, and Alice Cooper plays Freddy’s abusive father in a flashback scene.” Also, expect a secret, uncredited appearance by a star who does what DeLuca describes as ”a spoof of the (fried egg) drug commercial ‘This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs”’


Get ready for M.C. Bard: The Shubert Organization and partners are planning a hip-hop version of Twelfth Night called Club XII for Broadway. A week-long showcase production took place in December at New York’s Westbeth Center Theater, with female rapper M.C. Lyte in the starring role. ”I haven’t read Shakespeare’s play,” she confesses. ”But this version reminds me a lot of Yentl


The ’80s may be over, but one cultural capstone of the Age of Greed is showing renewed signs of life: ABC’s Dynasty, which detailed the conspicuous consumption of the super-rich Carrington clan for nine seasons, may return to ABC as a four-hour miniseries this spring. John Forsythe, Joan Collins, and Linda Evans are reportedly willing to reprise their roles in the two-part drama, which will tie up loose ends left when the series was canceled in May 1989 Groucho Marx’s grandson, a Los Angeles writer, is teaming with two producers to develop a TV movie of the week about the last years of the legendary comic actor, who died in 1977. ”It would be a bittersweet movie,” says Andy Marx, 39, who is also hoping to write a book about his grandfather. ”I’d like to concentrate on the period when he was 85 and in the midst of his big comeback. I’d just come out of college. We were pretty close at that time.”

Written by: Melina Gerosa, Benjamin Svetkey, Mark Harris