A clash at ''In Living Color'' -- Franklyn Ajaye attacked the show for ''glorifying the ghetto''

Fox’s nine-month old In Living Color has become a solid hit, but not everyone associated with Keenen Ivory Wayans’ skit-comedy series is smiling. First, actress Kim Coles left the show amid rumors of a soured relationship with the producer-star. Now comic Franklyn Ajaye, who wrote for the series in its first season, has attacked Color for ”glorifying the ghetto” in such sketches as the Homeboy Shopping Network, which features two black street hoods selling stolen goods out of the back of a truck. Some of those who’ve stayed call Ajaye’s attitude sour grapes. ”Franklyn was a writer last season for six weeks and he was one of several writers whose options wre not renewed,” one insider says. ”That’s the honest fact.” Wayans has said, ”I’m not looking to offend my community in the least. If anything, I’m looking to show a different side.” As to this incident, Wayans was not available for comment

In Living Color
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