60 Watt Reality

The Los Angeles-based Ringling Sisters have the most impeccably hip underground pedigree imaginable. With the Sisters (some of whom are men) culled from some of the trendiest and virtually unheard bands in Los Angeles (including the Devil Squares, the Screaming Sirens, and Blood on the Saddle), the group appears, on paper at least, to be so intimidatingly ultra-cool that you’d want to gag. Or simply bypass them completely. This would be a mistake. There is an unmistakable punk feel pervading the songs of 60 Watt Reality, which deal bluntly with issues and harsh reality. Still, the mostly acoustic record tempers that edge by adding a warm coffeehouse feel, complete with folksy song intros and explanations. The women handle the lead vocals, and all have a bold, broad style that is enhanced by the subtle playing. This is an addictive album — the more you listen, the better it gets. A

60 Watt Reality
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