The Official Video Tour of Hollywood

Hollywood proper may no longer be ”the movie capital of the world,” but it’s still a hugely popular tourist attraction and home to landmarks that long ago entered the pop lexicon as a virtual Treasury of Tackiness — Grauman’s (now Mann’s) Chinese Theater, the Capitol Records Tower, the Wax Museum, Frederick’s of Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, etc.

Thanks to The Official Video Tour of Hollywood, a sprightly video that is part tourist come-on, part cultural gazetteer, viewers everywhere can now hopscotch among the Tinseltown totems and hear them lovingly celebrated by native notables — some as old as their subjects (Milton Berle, Morey Amsterdam, Vincent Price). Highlights include a history of the hillside Hollywood sign, Diahann Carroll’s Walk of Fame star-laying ceremony, and Uncle Miltie’s description of buying his first dress at Frederick’s.

The 26-minute video comes complete with a booklet of discount coupons for several Hollywood tourist attractions (it is ”official,” after all) — a perfect commercial symbol of that most commercial of American towns. B

The Official Video Tour of Hollywood
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