A 'Mod Squad' reunion -- Two of the three actors have appeared in ''Twin Peaks''

By Kate Meyers
Updated January 11, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST
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Will The Mod Squad become part of the Lynch mob? Now that Twin Peaks has featured Julie and Linc (Clarence Williams III), two of the three principals of ABC’s 1968-73 series, can Pete (Michael Cole) be far behind? The idea of a reunion hadn’t struck Cole, 50, who’s seen ”a couple of episodes to see Peg, but I got a little lost.” He appears as Dr. M’odsquad on Farrah Fawcett’s CBS mid-season comedy, Good Sports. ”I save her goldfish,” he says. Would Cole like a chance to emote among the Douglas firs? ”Absolutely. I’d do a lot of things that David Lynch would ask me.” Who knows, maybe the Squad‘s beloved 1950 station wagon, which took a cliff dive in the show’s second season, will reappear wrapped in plastic along the Peaksian shore.

The Mod Squad

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