Edward Scissorhands' look -- Colleen Atwood talks about her inspiration for the character

He’s got the sharpest look on the screen this season, but Edward Scissorhands is hardly on fashion’s cutting edge. Costume designer Colleen Atwood says Edward’s striking appearance is partly Victorian. ”I pulled a lot from the 19th century,” explains Atwood, who used old machinery parts and vinyl to enhance the character’s prefab image. Edward has modern precursors as well. Director Tim Burton (who dresses remarkably like the character) says Edward’s alienated look mixes Charlie Chaplin’s white-faced Tramp and Frankenstein a la Mel Brooks. And while the character’s retro hair and penchant for leather clearly draw on punks like the Cure’s Robert Smith, Atwood insists that Edward’s accessories are not based on Cher’s après-Sonny love for chain mail. Nor, she maintains, did he take tips from fashion Bad-boy Michael Jackson, who also enjoys buckling up.

Edward Scissorhands
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