January 11, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST

With a new film (Almost an Angel) that features a new character (ex-con Terry Dean), Australian cottage industry Paul Hogan obviously wants to give Mick Dundee the pink slip. ”Crocodile Dundee is back in the bush, and he’ll stay there,” Hogan affirmed last month. ”He won’t be going off to the Middle East and saving the world — he’d muck it up, anyway.” But the studio isn’t listening. Paramount has reportedly offered Hogan $10 million to bring the Croc back for a third installment. Mr. and Mrs. Hogan (his costar and new bride, Linda Kozlowski) may need it: They recently shelled out for homes in Beverly Hills and Australia. And with the studio offering Kozlowski $1 million to play reporter Sue Charlton again, a third Dundee just may be a done deal.

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