Roseanne Barr's feuds -- Arsenio Hall and the ''National Enquirer'' were some of the comedian's targets

Jan. 29
Talk show host Arsenio Hall sparks a feud by displaying unflattering paparazzi snapshots of Barr and husband Tom Arnold honey-mooning in their bathing suits. Barr retaliates by pitching zingers at Hall in her Las Vegas stand-up act.

Feb. 6
The National Enquirer publishes excerpts from steamy love letters Barr sent Arnold in 1989. One of the highly descriptive missives, the Enquirer reported, contained a step-by-step guide to certain activities the could would engage in once they were alone in their private limo.

Feb. 8
Barr fires manager Arlyne Rothberg, the latest in a long line of dismissals, including an agent, a publicist, a lawyer, all but one of her TV show’s writers, and a wardrobe person. Since her sitcom’s debut, Barr has also tangled with two of the series’ six executive producers.

July 24
Announcing her plans to take the National Enquirer to court, Barr tells reporters, ”I am going to sue them for millions and millions and millions of dollars.” At issue, she says, are the tab’s ”insidious” stories of drug addiction, divorce, and family fights.

July 25
Barr screeches the national anthem at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, ending by grabbing her crotch and spitting. The press has a field day. Two days later, Barr and Arnold hold a press conference. ”I didn’t ride in a tank in North Vietnam,” she growls, ”but you all are treating it that way.”

Sept. 28
The Hollywood Reporter asks celebrities to comment on the business for the magazine’s 60th-anniversary issue. Barr’s contribution reads, ”This town is a back-stacking, scum-sucking, small minded town, but thanks for the money.”

Nov. 1
Barr mends fences with Arsenio Hall, appearing on his show with Arnold. The touch-feely make-up session is highlighted by Arnold’s embarrassing stab at a stand-up comedy routine.

Nov. 8
USA Today‘s Jeannie Williams advises readers to stay away from Barr’s revealing mud-wrestling photos in Vanity Fair until ”after you’ve digested your lunch.” A furious Arnold phones Williams, ”You’re a pig,” he tells her.

Nov. 29
While on Donahue, Barr’s ex-husband, Bill Pentland, is ambushed by a phone call from Barr and Arnold. ”I feel they’re irrational,” Pentland says. ”That’s why I’ve got to have a court system with good, honest, objective people in the middle that will get these people off of me.”