The Year in Rock 1990

Every seven days, host-writer Kurt Loder pushes past MTV’s ceaseless hype and pandering to offer incisive reportage and editorializing on The Week in Rock. Loder’s skeptical tone serves him well on The Year in Rock 1990, an overview of notable moments from rock & roll’s past year. Whether he’s talking about Sinead O’Connor, Bonnie Raitt, M.C. Hammer, or Faith No More, Loder avoids gush and gets to the point, describing both the pop-cultural and the business factors that allow these acts to make commercial breakthroughs. This well-produced hour features many of the year’s most vivid moments, from Madonna wrapped in the American flag to 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell wrapping his arms around his lawyer during the Crew’s obscenity trial in Florida. The Year in Rock also includes many clips of stars chatting amusingly (Ozzy Osbourne: ”I don’t worship Satan. I have a hard enough time conjuring myself up out of bed in the morning, let alone conjuring up the Devil…”). It’s a measure of Loder’s skill that he has managed to take what was ultimately a rather dull year for music and make a provocative TV show out of it. A-

The Year in Rock 1990
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