Grains of Sand

Grains of Sand is a compilation consisting mostly of outtakes that never made it onto Carved in Sand, this popular British band’s previous, similarly titled album — and unfortunately you can plainly see why they didn’t. Even though a couple of tracks, particularly ”Mercenary” and ”Tower of Strength,” are refreshing in their echoes of the folkie and Eastern-mystic sides of Led Zeppelin, the rest of the record ranges from forgettable to out-and-out embarrassing. In the embarrassing category are the nursery rhyme-like ditty ”Mr. Pleasant,” the ham-handed, maudlin power ballad ”Kingdom Come,” and worst of all the mock-symphonic ”Sweet Smile of Mystery,” which might just be the most misguided sonic blunder since the overblown rock operas of the mid-’70s. C-

Grains of Sand
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