The Ewok Adventure

The Munchkins never had a spin-off, despite their popularity in The Wizard of Oz. So why did George Lucas uproot these furry costars of Return of the Jedi to give them their own movie? Well, when you have creatures this cute, think of the McMerchandising possiblities.

In this signature Lucas kid-vid, a couple of pint-sized champions (Aubree Miller and Eric Walker) set out to rescue their parents from the dreaded Giant Gorax. Accompanying them on their mission are those dead ringers for Snuggles the fabric softener bear, the Ewoks, who teach the children about friendship and special effects.

Originally made for television, director John Korty’s The Ewok Adventure is billed as a fairy tale for the entire family. Unfortunately, it’s too generic to unite generations, and teens, who’d rather escape mom and dad, won’t buy the plot. But the peanut-butter-and-jelly crowd will be happy to stick around for the Disney-like camera tricks, and even the most hardened adults will find it difficult to resist the Lucy-Harpo routine between Cindel, the cherubic heroine, and her fuzzy counterpart, Wicket.

Veteran storyteller Burl Ives delivers the film’s moral, ”Courage, loyalty, and love are the strongest forces in the universe,” but parents watching this cassette with their kids may be surprised by an even stronger force — young viewers begging for a stuffed Ewok. B

The Ewok Adventure
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