Julia Roberts, Jeff Altman, and Faith No More made headlines this week

Entertainment news for December 21, 1990

Two of Hollywood’s biggest guns are set to hop in the saddle this summer for the Western Renegades. Set in 1898, the adventure/love story stars Pretty Woman‘s Julia Roberts as a half-Indian bank robber who wants to buy land for her tribe. Mel Gibson, the bounty hunter hired to track her down, winds up joining her cause and falling in love.

Comedian Jeff Altman, who appears regularly on Late Night With David Letterman, may get even more support from the caustic talk-show host. Letterman has reportedly signed on as executive producer of a new sitcom, starring Altman, that is under development for NBC.

After 18 months on tour, Faith No More is resting — for six weeks. Then they’ll join Prince and Guns N’ Roses, among many others, for Rock In Rio II, the world’s largest music festival, to be held Jan. 18-27. Mike Patton, the band’s lead singer, can’t sit still even that long, though: His other band, the goofy Mr. Bungle, will play a series of dates around San Francisco early next month. Mr. Bungle hopes to record as soon as Patton gets permission from Faith No More’s label, Slash Records.

Written by: Melina Gerosa, Casey Davidson, Bob Mack