The cast of ''Justify My Love'' -- We tell you who the dancers are in Madonna's new video

The cast of Madonna’s new gender-bending video has folks scratching their heads. Is that he a she? She a he? Here’s the inside scoop on some of those androgynes frolicking through ”Justify My Love”:

Amanda Cazalet (F):
This 25-year-old top Euromodel was hand-picked by director Jean-Baptiste Mondino to play Madonna’s first smooching partner in the video. Her reaction? ”After seeing it, the first thing you want to do is make love,” she told reporters at her home in London before taking off for six months in Senegal.

Tony Ward (M):
He’s the voyeur in the vid, but he’s been known to play both sides. A few years back he strutted his stuff in the pages of In Touch for Men, a gay nudie magazine. His biggest role to date: playing Madonna’s highly- publicized real-life boy toy (reportedly she picked him up at a party by extinguishing a cigarette on his back).

Jose Guitierez (M):
This 22-year-old hoofer plays the Dee-Lite-styled dancer in the black bodysuit. He’s worked with Madonna before — as a lead dancer on her Blond Ambition tour and as choreographer for the ”Vogue” video.