You Take the Kids

At first, this sitcom looks like a black version of Roseanne: Our portly, working-class protagonist this time is Nell Carter; she has a burly, charming husband (Roger E. Mosley) and a passel of wisenheimer kids — four, to be precise, and the best of them portrayed by the dreadlocked Dante Beze. Once it gets going, however, You Take the Kids develops an attitude all its own. In contrast to Roseanne‘s highly personal, sarcastic style, Kids offers a barrage of jokes that sound simultaneously slick and mechanical. ”Your mother is so dumb,” says Mosley to Carter at one point, ”she thinks Idi Amin and Eydie Gorme are related.” It’s too bad Mosley is stuck with lines like this, because he seems relaxed and alert, ready to give a good, warm performance. Carter, on the other hand, spits out all her lines with a tediously relentless vehemence. It always takes a while for a sitcom to find its rhythm, and it’s possible that You Take the Kids will improve. Right now, though, it’s just another prime-time joke machine. C

You Take the Kids
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