Remembering Bob Cummings -- TV's first swingin' single made his debut 35 years ago

Remembering Bob Cummings

Television’s first swingin’ single made his debut 35 years ago, when The Bob Cummings Show began a four-year run and brought a very wholesome version of the sex comedy to the small screen. Cummings, a master of the boyish leer, played a bachelor fashion photographer who could never choose between the gorgeous models who surrounded him. Cummings, who died Dec. 1, was just as indecisive himself; his fifth marriage took place last year, when he was 81, and at his death he had already filed for divorce. His last bride, Janie, 58, was an ex-supermarket cashier who fell for the Emmy-winning charmer while watching his show, which was syndicated under the title Love That Bob. And that’s a sentiment with which millions agreed.