The Kid Who Loved Christmas

The Kid Who Loved Christmas is a nicely acted family melodrama that briefly features Sammy Davis Jr., in his final screen performance. The kid who loves Christmas is Reggie (Trent Cameron), a young orphan on the verge of being adopted by a jazz musician (Hill Street Blues‘ Michael Warren) and his wife (singer Vanessa Williams). But just as the adoption is about to be finalized, Williams is killed in a car accident. Warren spends most of the movie battling with a social worker (Good Times‘ Esther Rolle), who is now withholding approval of the adoption — she doesn’t think Warren’s traveling-jazzman life would be a good influence on Reggie. When Reggie is taken to a new foster home, complete with close-ups of his sweet, misty-eyed face and Warren’s agonized one, you know that tears are being jerked shamelessly by director Arthur Allan Seidelman and executive producer Eddie Murphy — yes, the Eddie Murphy. Davis plays a musician in Warren’s jazz band; his voice is faint and scratchy, but he musters the energy to perform his few scenes with understated grace. The pace of this two-hour production is slow, but as Christmas specials go, this one turns out to be an effective piece of seasonal sentimentality. B-

The Kid Who Loved Christmas
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