Jimi Hendrix's notebooks -- The rocker's memorabilia is set to go up for auction at Sotheby's

Jimi Hendrix wasn’t fancy about keeping notebooks: The singer scribbled first drafts of his songs on anything that was handy, from envelopes to psychedelic paper to hotel notepads. Sotheby’s, the New York auction house, expects to bring in over $100,000 when it puts 60 such pieces of rare Hendrix memorabilia on the block Dec. 17. The items, which come from an unidentified private collection, include handwritten drafts of the lyrics for such legendary songs as ”Crosstown Traffic” and ”Axis: Bold as Love,” as well as jottings like those pictured above, which Hendrix labeled ”Unfinished Rough Sketch of Woodstock Fest.” The big-ticket item may be a scrap of paper carrying the words to ”Purple Haze,” which is expected to fetch $8,000 to $12,000. The sale will also feature a psychedelic drawing by Hendrix and the vest and headband he wore for many concerts.