Even Trolls Have Moms

With Even Trolls Have Moms, singer-songwriter Joe Scruggs has honed his sense of humor to the point where he’s become a children’s stand-up comic. His specialty: rueful-parent humor.

”They Must Have Had Kids” is an ode to the inventors of such marvels as the mini-van, which Scruggs defines as ”something that’s small but long/So we can leave the kids behind but still bring them along.” ”Nuke It,” which describes a father’s cooking habits, is either horribly sexist or admirably realistic, depending upon your point of view. And ”First Day,” in which a child starts school and tears are shed, is a great joke disguised as a sappy ballad.

”First Day” aside, most of Trolls‘ ballads are weak. This collection’s strength is its humor, not its sweetness. Luckily, it has humor to spare. A-

Even Trolls Have Moms
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