Heather Graham, Mel Gibson, and Victoria Jackson made headlines this week

When Twin Peaks‘ Agent Cooper was shot last season, he prayed for the chance ”to make love to a beautiful woman for whom I feel deep affection.” The G-man may soon get his wish, but Audrey Horne won’t get hers. Heather Graham (Drugstore Cowboy) is about to join Peaks as a new romantic interest for Kyle MacLachlan’s character. Look for her early in 1991

This spring ABC plans to go where only CBS’ Rescue 911 has dared to tread — into hospital emergency rooms. A proposed half-hour reality series, Emergency, has been filming in New York City hospitals, where, in one case, cameras captured the arrival of rabbi Meir Kahane after he was fatally shot by an assassin. However, sources say Emergency won’t air unless legal problems with much of the series’ footage can be resolved.

It might be a stretch for Mel Gibson to play the Melancholy Dane — even his director, Franco Zeffirelli, says ”on paper Mel Gibson is perhaps one of the last actors who should play Hamlet” — but Warner execs are backing him. Hamlet, with Glenn Close as Gertrude, will open Dec. 19 in New York and L.A. to qualify for the 1990 Academy Awards. It hits 1,200 theaters on Jan. 18

Saturday Night Live‘s Victoria Jackson is shopping a demo of songs she has performed on SNL — including such ballads as ”Use Me” and ”I Am Not a Bimbo” — in hopes of landing a serious album. ”I don’t sound like Streisand,” admits the budding chanteuse, ”but it’s really listenable.”

Written by: Mark Harris, Meredith Berkman, Jess Cagle