3 Deep

Surface’s music is so melodious and peaceful that the trio’s fans claim that it can work miracles — like the time a 14-year-old girl awoke from a coma (yes, this really happened) after her mother played ”Shower Me With Your Love,” her favorite song from the group’s 1989 million-selling album, 2nd Wave. Or, more believably, couples take Surface’s tapes into the delivery room to ease the pains of childbirth. Surface’s third album, 3 Deep, may not change your life, but it will wrap you in a fuzzy blanket of soothing vocals. To say this trio is ”in love with love” is either a cliché or a revelation, depending on how you react to lyrics like these from the new album’s initial single, ”The First Time”: ”You know I won’t forget/the times we shared holding hands/And walking in the park/Sometime we’ll have to do it all again.” Surface won’t challenge you with such effusiveness, or with their rich, cushiony R&B production. But you can’t go wrong here if you just want to relax and dream. B+

3 Deep
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