Will ''Access America'' spoil Fred Willard? -- The actor's new show will focus on the talents of local cable-TV personalities

Sister Paula is a transsexual preacher with a TV ministry in Portland, Ore. André of New York is a talk-show host who interviews models while styling their hair in his Manhattan apartment. The Peek Sisters are three siblings who babble incoherently on Atlanta TV. Aside from severe cases of runaway weirdness, what do these people have in common? All will have a shot at national stardom on the HA! network’s Access America, a 30-minute weekly series showcasing the talents and peccadilloes of local cable-TV personalities across the land. ”There’s this whole underground world of amateur television production,” says host Fred Willard (Fernwood 2-Night, Real People). ”In most cities, it doesn’t cost much to put your own show on a local access channel, so you get all sorts of strange stuff on the air.” The strangest? ”Sister Paula is definitely up there,” Willard says. ”I met her over the summer. She’s about six foot four with a really deep voice. She sort of looks like Tammy Faye Bakker with a five o’clock shadow.”