Sofia Coppola and Redd Kross -- Some say Francis Ford Coppola's daughter is the nude model on ''Third Eye''

The credits on Redd Kross’ new release, Third Eye, list the cover model as ”unknown.” But those in the know say the naked masked woman sitting crosslegged with long hair draping her breasts is none other than Sofia Coppola, 19, Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter and steady girlfriend of Redd Kross bassist Steven McDonald. Sofia, who makes her acting debut in her father’s upcoming Godfather Part III, is thanked on the sleeve, as are Patti Smith, Barbra Streisand, Pat Benatar, Phil Spector, and Ann Magnuson. Roz Music, a stylist from No Bones Salon in L.A. who worked on the band’s cover photo shoot, says, ”Someone told me I was supposed to say no comment — I don’t know what the big deal is.”