The Showtime 30-Minute Movie

A few months ago, Showtime’s first batch of half-hour movies offered an interesting showcase for new directors and little-known actors; this new trio, unfortunately, is uniformly stinky. Little Feet is about a college freshman (Evan Richards) who arrives at his dorm to find that his roommate (Ed Gale) is a dwarf. The film, directed by Constance Grappo, is a dreary little message piece: Richards must learn that he shouldn’t make fun of Gale or feel uncomfortable around him — prejudice is bad, you know. Both The Heart of the Deal (directed by Yuri Neyman and Marina Levikova) and The Jogger (overseen by Robert Resnikoff) suffer from the debilitating influence of The Twilight Zone — both are suspense stories with surprise endings you can see coming a mile away. At least they feature good actors: Ruben Blades as a greedy accountant in Deal and Terry O’Quinn as a runner stalked by — eek! — Death himself in The Jogger. C

The Showtime 30-Minute Movie
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