Good Cops, Bad Cops

Ray Sharkey (Wiseguy) stars as a crooked policeman planning a bank robbery in this annoyingly slow caper film. Sharkey’s good-guy nemesis is Lou Grant himself, Ed Asner, playing a cagey old cop. Given the people involved, this TV movie should have been terrific; Sharkey’s gang of corrupt boys in blue includes Steve Railsback (The Stunt Man) and James Keach (The Experts), and Good Cops, Bad Cops was directed by Paul Wendkos (The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story). But compare this to other caper films like Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing (1956) or even Jules Dassin’s 1964 comedy heist film Topkapi and you’ll immediately know what’s wrong: There’s no suspense here; the pacing is all off. We get one plodding little scene after another, but at no time is the gang’s bank-robbery strategy made clear. The result is that, when the robbery is in progress, we’re never quite sure whether things are going according to plan or not. Good Cops, Bad Cops squanders an intriguing idea. C-

Good Cops, Bad Cops
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