Ghost Dad

The ghost of Leonard Part 6. Scathing reviews (including a D- in Entertainment Weekly) helped save millions of moviegoers from paying to see Bill Cosby mug his way through Ghost Dad in theaters. But with a lot of fast-forwarding through Cosby’s silly histrionics, this spiritless rip-off of the classic movie comedy Blithe Spirit offers a few moments of dumb fun. The highlights of the film, directed by Sidney Poitier, are certainly the refreshingly, subversive performances by Twin Peaks‘ Dana Ashbrook as a teenager-from-hell and Raynor Scheine as the bearded, demented cabbie who sets off the story by driving Cosby off a bridge. ”I like you,” the cabbie says. ”Do you worship Satan?” C-

Ghost Dad
  • Movie
  • 83 minutes