Axl Rose, Leonard Nimoy, and Gregory Peck made headlines this week

Traveling in the steps of Nike’s nerdy-professor pitchman who explained Michael Jordan’s ability to fly to the television masses, the NBA is using white-coated dentists in a wacky new commercial for its official basketball card in the mode of baseball cards. From various dental chambers across the land, they announce their support of the product this way: ”Great pictures. Cool stats. No gum.”

Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose claims he has passed a lie detector test and challenges Gabriella Kantor, who alleges Rose recently hit her with a bottle, to do the same. He has offered to pay for Kantor’s test.

Production gets underway this month on Star Trek VI, rumored, like its predecessors, to be the good ship Enterprise‘s final journey. Although Paramount Pictures refuses to discuss the project, Leonard Nimoy has reportedly announced that the ”intention is to really do a grand exit.” The movie is slated for release sometime in 1991 — to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the TV series — and part of its plot apparently involves the emotionless Spock falling in love.

One Hollywood movie has been boosting the employment rate in the economically battered Northeast. Director Norman Jewison (Moonstruck), Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, Penelope Ann Miller, and Dean Jones are currently filming Other People’s Money, based on the Off Broadway play about a small New England manufacturer fighting a hostile takeover. Playwright Jerry Sterner was pleasantly surprised by what the producers were doing with their money when he visited the set, a recently closed wire and cable plant in Georgetown, Conn. ”They hired 80 of the 140 factory workers who had been let go from the plant to work on the film,” explains Sterner. ”That made me feel terrific.”

Written by: Kate Meyers, Bob Mack, Benjamin Svetkey, Melina Gerosa