A James Caan film festival -- We list some of his best films, including ''The Gambler'' and ''Thief''

A James Caan film festival

When he landed the career-boosting one-two punch of an Emmy nomination for Brian’s Song (1971) and an Oscar nomination for The Godfather (1972), James Caan looked like Hollywood’s next great leading man. But by the late ’70s he had been knocked to the canvas by a serious drug habit and a string of duds: Freebie and the Bean, Harry and Walter Go to New York, Comes a Horseman. Caan’s comeback performance in Misery will provide company for some of his best movies. .

Lady in a Cage (1964)
Caan is one of three thugs terrorizing a wheelchair-bound Olivia de Havilland, who is trapped in her mansion’s private elevator. .

El Dorado (1967)
Costarring with John Wayne and Robert Mitchum, Caan portrays a young gambler in Howard Hawks’ fine Western. .

The Rain People (1969)
A simple-minded hitchhiker (Caan) is picked up by a pregnant woman (Shirley Knight) in Francis Coppola’s sweet character study. .

The Gambler (1974)
Caan lends authority and poignance to his role as a college professor with an urge to lose. .

Cinderella Liberty (1975)
Caan is a benevolent sailor who tries to redeem single-mom prostitute Marsha Mason.

Rollerball (1975)
A violent futuristic sport’s champion player (Caan) refuses to retire. .

Thief (1981)
Caan is a safecracker desperate to go straight in Michael Mann’s probing thriller. .

Gardens of Stone (1987)
Caan plays a Vietnam vet assigned to conduct stateside military funerals.